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The State of Hawaii is comprised of eight major islands. Measuring from its submarine base in the Hawaiian Trough to the top of the mountain, Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world with a combined height of 33,476 feet.

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Wailuku Guesthouse

Approx 2km away in Wailuku:

The Wailuku Guesthouse is a clean, inexpensive vacation rental with 5 different rooms, all nicely appointed with private baths, a swimming pool, free wifi, and other amenities.

Photograph of Wailuku Guesthouse, Wailuku
210 South Market
Wailuku, Hawaii

Marriott Waiohai Beach Club

Approx 1km away in Poipu:

More distinctively Hawaiian than any other island, Kaua'i is the idyllic setting for Marriott's Waiohai Beach Club, located on award-winning Poipu Beach surrounded by stunning scenery.

Photograph of Marriott Waiohai Beach Club, Poipu
2249 Poipu Road
Poipu, Hawaii

Tara Firma Inn - Volcano

Approx 2km away in Volcano:

Tara Firma Inn Volcano is enveloped in the Hawaiian rain forest. Come relax and enjoy. The smell of cedar meets at the door and welcomes you in. Giant ferns surround the house and it feels very pre-historic.

Photograph of Tara Firma Inn - Volcano, Volcano
19-4251 Kekoanui Boulevard
Volcano, Hawaii

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Thrills, Fun, Excitement. Unwind, relax, re-charge. Then get up, get down and go for it. That's been the Hawaiian way for a thousand years, but it's never been more fun than right now.

On the Water. Kayak among sheltered coves and grottoes. Learn to surf or windsurf in one lesson, and from the best in the world. Sail away on sleek catamarans and magnificent yachts, or zip over the waves on super-fast ocean rafts. Get your kicks jet skiing, para-sailing, and water skiing. Go scuba-diving, whale-watching, snorkeling, and outrigger canoeing. Take in one of our state-of-the-art marine parks and aquariums, or ride a real submarine for an up-close look at the wonders of the reefs. And if you've ever craved the challenge of deep-sea, big-game fishing, there's no better place for it than Hawaii.

On the Wind. Countless visitors to Hawaii name their helicopter sightseeing tour as the highlight of their vacation, because it's the only way to see some of our most astonishing hidden secrets - like real lava flows, and valleys where no human has ever set foot, and the awesome heart of the rainforest. For the sheer thrill of it, try hang-gliding - with or without a motor - or a barnstorming flight in a vintage biplane.


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